Video Email, Personalized

1:1 Video technology. Increase subscriber engagement, build relationships with customers and drive action.

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How RUKUS works

  • 1. Analytics

    We track everything each individual customer does -- how many times they watch, click or share.

  • 2. Personalized URL

    1:1 Unique URL for each individual customer.

  • 3. Hollywood VFX

    Bring your ideas to life with feature film level production quality. 3D geometry , physics, particle systems and more.

  • 4. Customize

    Our expert team will advise and execute unique creative in line with your brand guidelines.

  • 5. Call To Action

    One simple message drives customers to action.

Case Study

Sass Global Travel was delivering a traditional email newsletter and saw about 1.9% CTR. RUKUS delivered a personalized video campaign and saw 900% lift in engagement.

What our customers are saying...

"RUKUS delivered the best marketing email I have ever received."

Marybeth Topf

Founder & Creative Director, Marybeth Designs

"...some of the best email marketing results that we have ever had."

Lucas Moore

President, SASS Global Travel

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